Welcome to the RealFood4Pets.com Pet Nutrition Wiki!

Our lifetime in the animal industry and our efforts to find the ultimate care for animals led us to create Fiesta Pet Deli

After exhaustive and extensive research involving our many clients' exorbitant veterinary bills, we were able to isolate a common link.

Most of the problems that our clients were treating were caused by nutritional inadequacies.

This led to the undeniable truth, which can be found here in the articles of this Wiki:

  1. Cats and dogs are carnivores. They need to eat meat. (60% - 80% of their diet should consist of meat)
  2. Dry foods are 60%-80% cereals and grains, which cats and dogs cannot digest properly.
  3. Problems such as skin and coat, digestive and dental deficiencies, food allergies and cancers all have their roots in inadequate and improper nutrition.

Dry pet foods were created as a convenience food much like corn flakes. While we can "live on corn flakes," our health would be adversely affected. Like us, your pet needs a variety of different foods to benefit nutritionally.

Our animals thrive on our entrees such as beef, turkey, chicken meatloaf, baked chicken breast, beef liver, grilled salmon, meaty stews and salads with special ingredients like cranberries for urinary health, blueberries as antioxidants, carrots for their eyes, peas, broccoli, cheese, fresh eggs, garlic, parsley, tapioca, and much much more!

All our entrees are made of USDA quality ingredients and are veterinarian approved and recommended.

Our goal is for your pet to live the healthy life they deserve!

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